Environment Friendly

Bimsan which operates in the business branches in Petrochemical, Chemistry, Natural Gas and similar sectors that we are active in them assumes increasing environmental consciousness of the persons and establishments that it is directly and indirectly in interaction with them, assumes meeting its environmental responsibilities towards its local and territorial neighborhoods as duty, establishes systems taking effective usage of environment and natural resources as the base and ensures their continuity

In the direction of this policy;

  • Complies with current laws and regulations by following publications related with environment.
  • Controls environmental pollution by reducing it to minimum level with environmental management system.
  • Supports its all employees and subcontractors on being sensitive towards environment.
  • Directs environmental activities in such a way to support other policy factors.
  • Undertakes to continuously develop environmental performance.
  • Uses methods reducing consumption of natural resources.
  • Focuses on re-usage and recycling/evaluation projects.

As Bimsan, we hereby undertake to identify our Environmental Goals in this directions, review our goals continuously and generalize our this policy between all our employees/subcontractors, be in compliance with customer requirements in force, legal requirements/laws that we are responsible for to the extent of our environment that are other requirements in this direction, effectively work on continuous improvement and preventing environmental pollution.


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